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Workplace Investigations

Having worked closely with businesses of all sizes, from multi- national corporations, through to individual business owners and franchisees, ATRM has the experience needed to assist by providing independent investigations into workplace matters and concerns.  Investigations can include scrutinising pay rates, conditions, hours, treatment, hiring and dismissal.

In recent times we have been involved in the investigation of some high profile cases involving the exploitation of employees.  Our investigations have uncovered systemic issues and assisted not only to bring resolution to the affected employees, but have enabled the businesses concerned to identify and address such issues.

Perception of your business is everything
Negative social media and media coverage can damage your brand and reputation.  Recovery can be both difficult and costly. 

Early intervention strategies can enable you to take control of your brand and reputation before the damage is done.

Contact ATRM for a discreet discussion about your particular concerns.

Customer Experience (CX) Audits

You already have audit procedures in place to ensure your franchisees and store managers are meeting your business standards, but how are you measuring your customer’s experience?

See your business as your customer does - not through a survey or through your own internal audits - but through the eyes and ears of your customers.  See the issues before they become problems - address those problems before finding out about them through social media - before the damage to your brand and reputation has been done.

You need to be proactive to ensure the customer experience drives loyalty to your business.  This can be done not only quickly and efficiently, but importantly - cost effectively.

Our CX Audits are designed to capture the whole customer journey, focusing on the factors that matter most.  They are mostly conducted anonymously and at random without the knowledge of your managers and staff. This allows you to see and experience exactly what your customer does.

ATRM can design a targeted and specific Customer Experience Audit for your particular business and needs.  You will gain honest feedback from your customer’s perspective.

Take control of your customer experience now - it's never too late.

Contact ATRM for a discreet discussion about your specific Customer Experience Audit needs.

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