Factual Interview Information
The following information is provided for the benefit of claimants and to assist them to understand the factual interview process.  The information is general in nature and does not constitute advice.  On this page this information is relevant to the conduct of a factual interview in relation to a claim under an income protection, group salary continuance or TPD type policy.

We support the Life Insurance Code of Practice developed by the Financial Services Council.  A full copy of the Code can be found here.

In accordance with the Code, an interview will take a maximum of two hours, unless you agree to an extension.  A further interview will be organised if it is reasonably required.  If your claim involves mental illness, we will only use an interviewer that we are satisfied has appropriate training or experience to carry out the interview.  ATRM has considerable experience in this area, having undertaken over 2000 interviews involving claims in relation to mental illness.

A factual interview is simply a meeting between an assessor and a claimant, during which the assessor will seek to obtain information from the claimant that is pertinent to the claim, with such information being reported back to the insurer to assist them in their understanding of both the claim and the claimant.  During the meeting, the assessor will ask a series of questions in an effort to assist his/her understanding of the claim.  At times, we may also be asked by insurers to seek copies of relevant documentation such as copies of financial documentation, medical reports or other documentation.  Normally a request to provide documentation will be made in advance of the meeting however the inability to provide documentation in time for a meeting should not in itself, be reason to postpone the meeting.

With your consent, the meeting may be audio recorded and in such case, you will be provided with a copy of the audio recording if you desire.  The assessor will normally take notes either by hand or into a laptop computer and in some circumstances may wish to obtain a statement or statutory declaration.  Again if you desire, you will be provided with a copy of any documentation that you sign.

The interview itself relies on the assessor being able to modify and adapt questions to maintain relevance to your particular claim and accordingly, it is not normally possible for us to provide a list of specific questions in advance.  Topics normally covered in an interview may include details of the illness or injury giving rise to the claim and the medical and other treatment you have received, an understanding of your pre-disability work duties, your current symptoms and limitations and how that impacts your ability to work and/or perform other activities, details of your current activities and your future prospects and plans.

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